Yosemite Park (California National Park)


I didn’t spend my weekend in San Francisco. I went to Yosemite where I camped with my some friends. We were lucky to get an amazing weather.

half domeWe arrived on Saturday morning, we get yosemite park map, then we built the campsite. Since the campsite was made quickly, we decided to visit the area and see some beautiful views. We’ve got an amazing view of the Half Dome which is really famous in Yosemite Park. Furthermore, we also took some pictures of waterfalls and rivers.

Then we went back to the campground, we had to look for some wood pieces in order to make fire and do a BBQ for the dinner. Actually, making a big fire was something awesome as I am a big child. It was already time to sleep.

Sleeping in this park was special because we was thinking about bears, mountain lions and other scary things and we made a lot of jokes about that. So Hadrien and I, slept as well as possible but Eleonore has much more difficulties to fall asleep.

Finally, this experience will be unforgettable and I’ll go back to Yosemite later in my life.





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